In-Home cooking Lessons

Have you thought of taking in-home cooking lessons?  Cooking lessons scheduled by you to take at your convenience.  Cooking lessons that allow you plan, cook, then serve what you prepare to your family and/or friends. My name is Beth Purdy, I live in Boise, Idaho and would like to offer you in-home cooking lessons.

Who would benefit from lessons with me?

A person:

* Wanting to learn a technique
* Newly married without much cooking experience
* Recently single
* Wanting to learn the basics
* Who knows the basics but wants to learn more
* Wanting to gain more confidence in the kitchen

Do you want to learn to cook and be able to share your accomplishments with those you love or just make something good to eat?

I learned to cook at an early age and know the value of preparing your own meals and the pride you experience when family and friends enjoy the food you create.  Teaching the basics and more advanced dishes is an exciting prospect for me. With more than 40 years of experience, I can share, with you, my knowledge and passion for cooking.

Consultation about your menu, one-on-one instruction in your home.  You buy the ingredients, learn in a familiar kitchen, then keep the food you prepare for yourself and your family.


1. Discuss with me your cooking ability and what you would like to accomplish in your lesson.
2. Give me ideas on what type of dish or meal you would like to create.
3. Discuss recipes, ingredients, and utensils you would need to accomplish your goal.
4. Make a shopping list.
5. Have fun creating something to eat.

$30 for one person (*$35 for a couple) for up to 1 1/2 hours
* $10 more if it takes longer (up to an extra hour)
Package of 5 lessons for $135 (*$150 for couples)

EXTRA:  If I do the shopping for ingredients, the cost would be $10 plus the cost of the ingredients.


* Learn basics
* Learn to make a special dish
* Learn to make a desert
* Create a meal

Available weekdays after 5:30 and weekends in the Boise, Idaho area.

(208) 631-2673

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